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13th Annual Gila Bend BBQ...February 21st


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Lucky #13

I don't know if any of you are intrested in doing this again, but I'm going to cook some viddles and ya'll argh invited to come eat.

This year we'll be cooking teh pulled pork again, and back by popular demand is teh tater salad. (for teh SLAMMER)

Ther be beans, and some salad greens, ta finish it off thar be sum-tin sweet to eat too...

So get yer name on my list soon so we can figure out how much to cook, then grab your Corvette keys (chad = beemer keys) don't forget yer wallet for teh donation jar, get yer passenger buckled in and get yer butt down here, cause these viddles be good and you know you want some.

what: Me and my wife want to invite a couple of you over for lunch.

when: February 21st at noon

where: Gila Bend public Library - 202 North Euclid Avenue, Gila Bend, AZ.... see professional map below

why: we're just crazy like that sometimes

how: Donations - to pay for the food and the ACE website.

Get your ACE shirts here ---> http://www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.net/topic/26894-13th-annual-gila-bend-bbq-shirts/?p=393448

ACE members Please RSVP by replying to this thread, an accurate head count helps with meal planning.

So get your name on the list and prepare to smile!

The List:

Andrew +1 (Cu4L8R)

John +1 (JLs Mistress)

Joe +1 (old yeller)

Eddie & Kim (eddie44) :spam

Sean +1 (Bigfeets)

Gary & Julie (y2ktraf)

Jim (tehcommish)

Greg & Julie (Extender)

Donna (Chameleon)

Howard +1 (grumpyc7)

Chad + his penis extension :cone


Bob & Cindy (black beauty)


Ron & Eva (roneva)

Robert +1 (superOne)

Michael +1 (F22Trainer)

Tom +1 (HOXXOH)

RRBob (RRBob)

Chas & Annie (chas45700)

Jack +1 (JacksAO)

Karl +1 (Kahuna1)

Leon +1 (ThatDudeWood)

Donna +1 (HogLuvr)

Lew Shaw

Hal & Jackie (LastC3) :party

OLD Chuck (racingchester)

Jim +1 (Dvl4evr)

Phil & Stacey (Azmotorhead)

Matt & Meri (pittmd1)

Tony + a maybe (Z O Sick)

Elliot & Chey (Cross)

Janie +1 (RojoSi5)

Monique +1 (aenigma)

Conrad +1 (Blacknight)

Marco & Lisa (Marco&Lisa) :chris

Eric and Susan (KoolVet)

Mike +1 (LMBZ4ME)

Rocco +1 (RoccoC5)

BADFAST & SLOW from Yuma

Uncle chuck & Sarge +3 thumbs

clemvette +1 = 2 heads - 1 head = just clemvette :lurk

Chris +1 (HarleyPower)

Andrew (Drewster67)

Kenn & Kristin (warped38)

Ray (Jay) (check6x)

Michael & Missy (c6blkcorvette)

Burt & Lise (00RedConvertible)

Brent &Nicole (couple-O-vette lovers)

Lyn & AzBill

Christopher ( C5CR )

Phil & maybe Stacey

RacquetballJim +1

George & Linda (gstroh)

Barry +1 (bearandba)

BadBob (BadBob) ***BadBob*** <<BadBob>> :eek

Jim & Valerie (Canadian Atomic Orange


Gordon +1

Harry Canoles (Final Effort)

Timmah & Johnnie :hat

Brian +1 (CRZYDMND)

Jake +1 (77C3BAT)

Glenn + a maybe (ICULUKIN) /farout !!!

Robert +1 (ashbobby)

Genne (Mr2000)

Sue & Bob Kelly (skelly)

Ed (atomic07)

Ralph & Linda (ralph49)

Curt & Debbie (Dwdrummer)

David & Sherry (PYGMY)

Steve (Schmitty)

Francie and she's letting Jack tag along

Ben Woods ( goofy02ZO6 )

Ben +1 +1/4 (MidNiteFury)

Marcole +1(XxDoubleedgexX)

Bret +1 (Bret99FRC)

Dan & Christy (VetteTax)

Raleigh (raleesvet)

Efran +1 (Arana Negra)

Rich & Esther (Marana Rich)

Dalton (Daltimaion)

Brian +1 (BrianAZ)

Robert (ashbobby)

Scott +1 (GTIMANiac)

Mike (LostWithin)

maybe list


Big Poppa



corvette tech

Meeting Points and Directions

NE Phx / Scottsdale group

meet at the At Home store (previously Sears Outlet and old Kmart) 32nd St / Cactus.

Leave by 9:30 am to meet at west side.

Far East side group

meet at Chevron at Guadalupe and Gilbert (NE corner)

Leave by 8:30 am to meet at AZ Mills

East side group

meet at AZ Mills at El Pollo Loco (east side of mall)

Leave by 9:30 am to meet at west side

Northwest side group

Meet at the Circle K at N 67 Ave and W Happy Valley Rd (southeast corner)

Leave at 9:45 am to meet at west side

West side group

Meet at I-10 and Lowes on Dysart/Mcdowell (east side of Lowes parking lot)

Leave at 10:15 am or after all other groups arrive.

Tucson group

Get on I-10 west to I-8 then drive for a long time

Get off at Gila Bend.

Yuma group

Get on I-8 east

Drive long boring, flat, straight freeway until you see Gila Bend. then exit.

Gila Bend group

Leave house at 11:59am arrive at noon!

Please let me know if any of these times or locations need updating...

Study the professional map below, there will be a test!

click to enlarge



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I'm inn plus 1

Cool, the list is filling up fast, get your name on it early before all the spots are gone...

did you like my new map? Had to make a new one since I lost the old links in the server move... :ack

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Guest badbobs95

You know we be comin fer sure if I can drive. The good ol neurosurgeon is going to fuse L2, L3, L4, and L5 on January 13th. I should be an inch taller when he's done! :laughing gut bustin: He said 4 to 6 weeks recovery I'll be gettin me some good drugs after this one. :blur: So, no detailing for a while. :down:

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Count Kim and I in.

Made a slight correction in the original post. Sears Outlet is now "At Home" Store.

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Maybe I'll have my car for this event.........

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I don't get it

And your not going to get any if your going to post drivel like that.....
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