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Parts Ordered Low-Beam Headlamps Inoperative #13146/14203


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I have enough parts ordered to address these recalls on 10 Corvettes. If you would like to me put one aside for you, post up here and let me know. The repair should take about 2 hours to complete - Once the parts land here I will contact you via pm to schedule an appt with you that is convenient.

These repairs would be made at Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix for those that do not know. :rockon2:

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Please add me to the growing list of needy.....

(I wonder how long it will be until Larry tells us how special his jalopy is by not needing this fix)

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We ought to all have a "Corvette Saturday" at Coulter :lol

We have done that before Eddie, I think you were there. ....you have any pictures in your old files?

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