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Hey Fellow 'Vetters

Just joined up since my wife and I recently purchased a 2014 Laguna Blue/Auto/LT3 C7. We are sooooo luvin this new car and anxious to renew our Corvette experience with other owners/enthusiasts and travelers. We have owned a 72 T-top L48 4 Speed for many years and it has sat stored in the garage for most of the last 20. I finally did get it back on the street last spring but bringing it back to being a steady ride is far off. So we now have a driver while we tinker with the "ol'buggy".

Since day one we have realized that this is a car that is magnatudes of technicality beyond what we have owned in the past. Each ride is now a new learning experience. Fortunately it still has the familiar sterring wheel, accelerator and brake pedal that I recall but beyond that it is techinal marvel to me. Yes, Ive been liivin in a lead cave......just recently took my first phone call 'from the car', HANDS FREE!! Never owned a car that could do that before. Not to mention the stunning power and handling that this car demonstrates. The list of accolades is endless.....

Met one of your members at Corvettes and Caffiene recently and he suggested I join up with you guys for info and some social activity so here we be. Looking forward to reading/learning and sharing experiences. So where is the next 'run'?? Is there any ACE'ers in the est valley??

Curt Browning (Curt2.0)


luv your name n logo.


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Welcome to :ACE: Sweet vette!

Keep an eye on the Events section for "runs" and gatherings of ACEholes!

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Welcome from NE Phx. We literally have members all over AZ and beyond.

I just have two complaints about your car. That's not a Stingray and it's not LAGUNA blue. Below is a LAGUNA Blue Stingray.


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:welcome: to :ACE: from Goodyear! There are folks all over the Valley, but we West-Siders cause most of the trouble... Nice ride, can't wait to meet you! The big event is the Gila Bend BBQ event in February. See the Events section for further details. You can post up your own too!

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Welcome!! Greetings from the Gila Valley. No reason to have it sittin in a garage, the need for a good cruise should suffice the urge!!

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