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Z06 Cost


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Now I'm a pretty reasonable fella. I understand that as a new model that everyone is eager to get their grubby little hands on the 2015 Z06 the sticker might be a bit pricey.

Being bored on the computer I just randomly decided to see what dealers are charging at the current moment. I found this ad on cars.com. I have no idea what's going on at the Milton Ruben Superstore nor where it is....all I can really say is W-T-F?!?!?!...LOL

The lowest price was $79.000 for a 1LZ at an AutoNation dealer in Georgia.


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I think they're smokin' crack. What are they gonna charge for the mid-engine 2017 ZR1? $200K or more?

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I heard of one dealer that had market adjustment amount almost equal to that. Unreal actually.

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