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Long story, pull up a chair


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The PO had some work done to the car and I am trying to figure out what I have. Car is an 07 Z51 M6.
He gave me the box for the cam and it says Part # 271 LS1 112 degrees HR 818 and HR 744. The box says it's an Iskenderian cam.
He couldn't get it timed correctly or get it to start so he took it to a local shop and it reads on the work order they set it at 109 degrees.
Car has a nice lope but horrible gas mileage and smells very rich. No low end to speak of but hits hard at 3600.

Car is an 07 Z51 M6. Has Stainless works headers and x pipe. BB exhaust, Vararam CAI, LS7 lifters, Lunati dual valve springs and some head work although I can not verify that since I can’t get any straight answers.

My goal is better gas mileage, better low end, still would like the lope.

Reply from a Corvette Forum Member:

All of Isky's Off-the-Shelf LS grinds start with 271.

The HR744 is a custom grind with advertised duration of 288 240 @ .050 .605 lift.
The HR818 is not listed. This can probably has about 20-25* of overlap at .050.

Being on a 112 and installed on a 109 explains the lope and bad gas mileage. This cam is wrong for your objectives and future use

The above was a conversation with another member about a year ago.

The following is going forward

I think I am going to go with a Pat G cam from here: http://www.guerragroup.com/#!camshaft-help/c1mq5

Because of this: http://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c6-tech-performance/2641771-cam-only-ls2-c6-vette-makes-503rwhp.html?referrerid=197530

What I want to do now is start picking up parts to do this. I’m good with the Fast 102 intake, the rockers and the pushrods. Those are all pretty straight forward. My question lies in the 102 TB. From what I have read is that a ported stock one will give better throttle response than the 102 for a lot cheaper. While I want that 500 RWHP, what I really want is better drivability and for me that means more low end grunt with a crisper throttle response all on 91. I know pretty big wish list!

I probably won’t delete the MAF unless there is someone local that has the knowledge and experience to tune it out.

I have the 3.42 axle stock and am thinking about going to a 3.88 in the future. I don’t want to go 4.10 because I do want to retain some mileage on the highway.

Question 1 then is 102 TB or ported stock

Question2 Do I need anything else with the intake and cam swap ie; special adapters, bigger injectors, etc?

Question 3 Are the above parts; listed rockers and pushrods still the makes to buy or have there been proven better options since the article was written

So the floor is now open for discussion…..

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Since I can't copy and paste I just attached the doc to the thread.

and it won't let me attach the file, just awesome


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Man if I get 8 posts to a thread with 0 content, I can't wait until the thread actually has some meat to it. :hehehe:

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Guest badbobs95

I still like pie.

I know what you should do! That's what I would do anyway. Start there and see how it goes. Let me know how it all works out. :twak:

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I feex....I feex. I left all the freebie stuff so everyone looks like da goofballz

I prefer to think of it as "Qualifiying"

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That cam you have now is pretty large hence the crap low end. And don't listen to the Internet when it comes to a cam only ls2 making 500 rwhp. It will never happen in az, you will need good heads up Afr or equivalent. Big cam, ported fast 102/102, big headers/x pipe, great cai, and slightly higher compression than stock and even then it'll be close. You also have zero reason to go speed density. Nic D is who you want to tune it also, I can help you with your goals and give you real world data from cars in az. Also when it comes to the gears 3.90 is the step up and if your staying na it'll make the car feel better down low for sure. We are here to help so pull from our knowledge and experience as this is what we do all day long.

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