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Parts FS (off my vette)


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got some random stuff I have removed from my C5 that has been eating up shelf space, this is not a shop pitch so don't think i'm saying you have to get these installed by us. This is me posting as a regular person lol.

C6Z shocks have 25k miles on them $150.00

C5 rear black out covers, this is the entire rear kit $50.00

MGW gen 1 shifter, this is the first one they ever made, it's stiff but very very precise. $150.00

Fast 90 intake manifold ported by us. It's also smoothed and painted electron blue by Elite automotive finishes $600.00

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Seriously after I buy another LS2 to have you port off Victor you put a Fast up for sale... you just like fucking with me huh lol.

Well let me see if anyone wants this LS2, Black Wing with Icebox setup and I will take the Fast for the FRS. I gave Chey the Ported LS2 you just did.

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I'm actually looking for a MGW shifter to replace the Hurst shifter that's currently installed.

Can you post a pic of it? Do you offer discounts for previous customers ... lol jk

Thanks man

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Thanks for letting me waste your time asking tons of unrelated questions, just told Chey to look up that rear sway bar.

Let me know on the coil overs, I want in but it may have to be after Christmas... maybe not let me see what I can do when you send me a price. I want them, I'm in. Also if you want me to have 2 ordered at her cost I am happy to do so (On the ZR1 Swaybar)

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