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Oil pressure while on the track


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First I need to give a brief history lesson with my ride. Last summer I blew up the #7 piston so a new short block with a high pressure oil pump was installed. I now have 10 k miles on the new motor. So I finally found the courage to put her back on the track for the first time since. Usual oil pressure is 50-80 when on the throttle - Not so much on the track. Oil pressure stayed at 40 even while under acceleration never dipping below. Oil temps hovered around 250 degrees.

I brought the car in - checked the oil level - Oil was topped off (she does go through more oil than the original short block) but this wasn't the case for Saturday. I'm running 5W30 mobile one per OEM recommendation.

My question is why would the oil pressure hover around 40 while on the track?

Once back to daily driving - oil pressure returned to 50-80 under normal driving conditions.

1.25 mile track with 10 turns.

TIA :checkerdflag::checkerdflag:

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Oil temp is affecting your pressure on track. I don't think 40 is bad, but you might want to try running something a little thicker when it gets 'hot' out. I run 0-40w mobil one currently and may switch to Rotella T6 depending on what I see on track. At 250 degrees I see my car drop down to 40 at low (2500) RPM. Idle pressure is scary down in the 25 range at that oil temp, but its not really a concern.

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Oil temp during daily driving is around 212 or so ...Oil temp on track day was 250 ish ---- Im going to go to conventional 20W50 oil weight. Isnt Rotella T6 Diesel Oil?

Thanks Billy

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I thought all GM vehicles had 80# of oil pressure even when the engine is not running.

Damn junk oil pressure senders.

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go with thicker oil.

did you purchase and install a factory short block, or did someone build it for you? if someone built it, do you know the tolerances he used on the journals?

check your oil filter and look for anything unusual before you run it again!!

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Blueprinted GM Block L33 core -

Short block was purchased through a vendor in Texas.

I only ran the car in one session and that was it since. Car is fine in all other aspects.

Oil is being changed to 20W50 conventional for all year use - No more synthetic for track use.

Once I sell my track Porsche - then my vette will become the next full time track junkie.

My Short block general specs

Forged Probe pistons 3.902" Flat top -3cc

TMS performance rings

Blueprinted GM block L33 core

GM connecting rods TMS remanufactured cores

GM Nodular core crankshaft 010/010 high speed balanced

King racing rod bearings

King racing main bearings

Thompson Motorsports single piece racing cam bearings

This short block is rated to 700HP

Thanks for the reply!

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