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Need electrical help with C6 fuses

Lew Shaw

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I have a 2010 C6. Recently, I installed the Wild 2 Mild Exhaust Controller for my RPP exhaust. That unit uses a piggyback fuse adapter that plugs into the 10A "Seat Heater" fuse location on the fuse panel under the passenger kick panel. This works very well. Now, I am trying to install the Curb Alert system and I've run into a problem. The Curb Alert also requires a piggyback fuse adapter to go in the "Seat Heater" fuse location. Obviously I can't do both, so does anyone know of another fuse location on that panel that will provide the same results? Sorry, but I'm a real dummy when it comes to electrical issues.



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I would just splice the M2W and the curb system together, they can both still use seperate fuses.

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