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C5 Track Car - No Motor $12,000


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1. 2002 chassis w/Manual 6 speed - No Motor - $12,000 negotiable!
2. Hit in the rear of the car and rebuilt, car is straight
3. No roof, this is a roadster set-up
4. full cage built by Flatout Motor Works Tempe
5. Car has widebody wheels, fenders, etc +4" over stock track
6. custom seat mount with ultrashield seat (perfect if you are over 6'5" tall and 275lbs, otherwise you cannot use this setup, so sad)
7. Wilwood BBK on all four corners - this car stops better than anything I have ever driven. 4 Stoptech rotors and 4 8.Stoptech backup rotors for each corner included.
9. manual controlled brake balancer with brake line oil pressure gauges in-dash!!
10. McLoed 2 stage race clutch
11. quick release steering wheel
12. full time wideband O2 sensor, fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temp, and tach gauge
13. APR Performance carbon fiber wing
14. Wheels/tires are 17X12" CCW Classics with Hoosier R6 315/35/17 rubber on all 4 corners

A. Aviaid dry sump oil pump with OvalCraft tank. All of the braided lines, additional in-line oil filters, and AN fittings included $1,200.00
B. 1st set of wheels/tires are 18" CCW C14's with Goodyear RS rubber (brand new) $2,400.00
C. 2 additional CCW classics 17x12" with goodyear RS rubber (brand new) $1,200.00

EDIT - changed the wheel size to 17x12

Andrew 480-695-1118

ABandura AT BanduraAndSons.com









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