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WTB - Stock C5 and C6 intakes, Aftermarket too


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Ok with my C7 Hood Vent project it's clear my current K&N Air Bridge will not clear as it's already slightly touching my hood. Because of that I am trying to get my hands on a few other's to test with.

I thought I had Chris's old C6 Stock setup but I cannot find it. I also had a stock C5 Air Bridge but I cannot find that either...

Basically I just need to test clearance but I will buy them to do so or if anyone doesn't mind loaning me a few to test with I will return the one's I end up not using and gladly pay for the one I do.

Thank's hopefully I can get something figured out I don't want my air bridge to be the reason my hood change will not work.

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fair market value, or whatever.....i had it last night expecting to see you. Will it wait til thursday, or do you want it sooner.

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Next Thursday, boy's puppy got Parvo so I have been nothing but busy and his birthday party is this weekend.

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