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CPR Built C7 Makes 990/925!


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Well we finished this C7 a few weeks ago and the owner said it's ok now to post up the videos. Here are the details on the car.
2014 Z51 7spd manual
Procharger Kit (was on before we got the car) D1SC 3.55 pulley (saw max 12psi)
CPR custom cam (pretty big)
longtube headers
Alky control meth kit w/ dual nozzles
Lashway motorsports breather tank
Nitrous outlet plate kit 200 shot
On blower only the car made 720/655
On spray the car made 990/925 yes we verified the jets haha
This car has a 100% stock bottom end, clutch, trans, axles, etc, etc. Do we expect it to live long not at all, the owner wanted to push it and this was the outcome, he know's that this won't live with long pulls on the street and has already given the deposit needed to do a 416 stroker, f1x upgrade, etc. So this thing will be getting even crazier soon!!
Here is the video of the 990/925 pull
Here is also a video showing how we did the switch's for the nitrous :)
CPR is Az's number 1 place for all C7 performance need's, we have more supercharged, cam'd, etc C7's under our belt than anyone else. If you have any questions or want one of our many package's available give us a shout!!
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