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The CPR built ZR1 won at shifts3ctor!


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Well this past weekend was shifts3ctor in Coalinga, Ca. It's a 1/2 mile race event and this was the first time they did a corvette class instead of just throwing them all together. The entire CPR crew went out this weekend to support the owner/driver of the ZR1 we built and he ended up winning the corvette roll race class. His best MPH was 184.78 w/ some of the craziest wind's I have seen in a long time. The cross wind's were so bad they had to shorten the runway by 200 ft to help limit the speeds down some as some of the 220+ cars were getting sideways on the big end. We have lots of videos posted up and pics from the event on our facebook page which is not blocked so even if you don't have one you can still view them all. www.facebook.com/cordesperformanceracing

Excited for the event here in dec as we will be bringing out some big gun's again to showcase what we do!

Fun fact I got to ride in a 224 mph GTR that made 1800 AWHP that literally felt like my face was about to get ripped off, one of the coolest experiences of my life!!

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It was a great event, with beautiful weather. The cars were awesome and I got to take a ride in the ZR1. My car feels slow, I need more horsepower!

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