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Well it's been a while since I posted. How's everyone?

Anyone know of a place, outside of the dealerships, down here in Tucson that does GM warranty work?


Just got done with an expensive and nasty deal with O'Rielly Chevy and they still didn't fix the issue I originally brought the car in for them to fix.

Short version:

- Took the car to emission - Failed due to intake leak and running too lean on the banks

- Took it back to emission - Tossed a Cat code

- Cat is still under warranty by GM (until next month)

- Took it to O'Rielly (Mistake)

- They said they couldn't get it to toss the Cat code but found other problems. One in particular I knew was an issue and that was the fuel level sensor. But told them they may need to drive the car a bit to get the Cat hot and toss the error and I Okayed them to install the sensor. They didn't drive the car to check for the Cat code first, but instead dropped the tanks and replace the sensor.

Once they completed that task, they call me to let me know my vette won't start. They have no idea why. The next call was to let me know that my fuel pump was dead. Which sounded suspect to me and I told them so - I think they shorted. Took them 5 days to get a fuel pump. They installed it in the car and I get a call that my car won't start and they don't know why. That's twice now.

They took it all apart and decided that the tech had trashed one of the O rings when putting the pump in. Keep in mind that they still haven't addressed the Cat code issue - I'm thinking they cleared them.

Once it was back together- they said the drove it for 20 minutes and no cat code displayed and I could come and pick it up. However, I don't believe they tested it at all. When I got there to pick it up, I started and it sound odd, but I was under the overhang so I pulled it out to drive way to hear it w/out the echo.

It friggen' sounded like a VW Bug!!!!! They failed to put the packets back when they disconnected the exhaust. Even if you had never driven a Corvette before you could not have missed the noise. So I believe that they never test drove - or the guy that did should be fired.

So I drove it home and the next day to work, washed it yesterday and started this morning and the engine light came one. I haven't check the codes but I'm betting it's the Cat code again.

Of course the warranty expires next month, so I need it fixed. My only option down here might be Watson's Chevy, unless there's another place with a warranty relationship with GM. I won't take it back or O'Rielly's.



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arm chair quarterback:

the lean code can be any number of things. suspect is "extra" air getting into the intake ( this is called Un metered air).

that might be a leak (vacuum) Down stream of the Throttle body.

-O rings of the injectors

-PCV hoses

- doyou have the bi-mode exhaust? there is a tiny-little-teeny-ittbittty little vaccume hose fucker on the back side of the intake. its broken/cracked/poped off that will 'inject' extra air.

so the car is getting extra air

--that triggers a lean code (one bank consistincaly? or all banks? that can help you narrow down)

the extra lean code means it dumps a shit tone of fuel to compensate.

that extra fuel has a cascade effect

saturated the cats (actually they can get too cool and throw a code)

saturate teh sensor and give false positives.

if you fix the lean bank issue the Cats will disappear.

in the mean time, get a $50 scanner and clear the codes right before you go to the emissions testing place.

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Vent to GM customer assistance regarding your O'Rielly's experience 1-866-636-2273

This is some of the best advice. Not only to hopefully solve your problem but also to put GM on notice before your warranty runs out. Remember to log date, time and who you talked to.
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was the lean code a p0171? if so the lean condition may have cooked the bank 1 cat. it can be a fairly simple diagnosis if you can get ahold of a scan tool that will show live data on the ho2 sensors. the ho2 sensor readings for the sensor 2(post cat) would be switching from rich to lean almost as fast as sensor 1(pre cat) normaly sensor 2 readings remain fairly consistant. gm says the p0420 code can set on a cat converter break in within the first 300-400 miles of driving with a new cat, but ive never encountered that before.

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