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Grape Ape

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Got's me some new skins for my ACEhole last Saturday. Went to a few local shops but found they are pretty pricey, but I figured that would be the case. Some wouldn't even use the Corvette word on the back since it was a GM copyright thing and they didn't have the rights to use it. So the search continued until I found a guy on the big forum that used a company out of Massachusetts. He uses all leather and no fabric like on the factory covers. He also installs a thin foam pad on the backside of each panel he makes so it's actually got a little bit more padding to it. I had him do some custom thread as well. Got all black covers with purple, yes purple, thread for the Corvette word and along the seams. It looks GREAT if I do say so myself. I sent BadBob jokingly a message about helping me install them and he took me seriously. Come to find out, I was glad he didn't quit and said he would help. I was really thankful for the help when all said and done. He even offered up John's garage for the space but not sure if John knew about it. I already had the seats out of the car so I loaded them into the truck and we got both seats done yesterday morning. Thanks a bunch for the help guys... :thumbs

I didn't need new foam since I replaced them when I changed from standard seat skins to sport seat skins. So those were still good since I NEVER drive it anyway.

Now for some pictures.

In the truck all done and ready to be installed.


Passenger side


Drivers side


Corvette word - Yes, I know, it's crooked. That's being resolved though as I speak.


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Guest badbobs95

I think they look fantastic and they aren't that crooked. My head is more crooked than that! They did a great job sewing and the fit is tight as a drum. Great looking seats. :boobies::boobies::boobies:

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Awesome Look Mark! That's what I was planning on with Sunnie, but traded instead. Way to help out there Bob and John!!!

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They are definetely more squishy and tighter then the factory ones with that little bit more padding. My ACEhole really likes them. The crooked letters probably aren't that big of an issue but I know it's there and it will bother me. Darci noticed them too and she is one that likes things to be straight. You should see us when I try to hang pictures..... :crazy. I am going to be really happy I went with the purple I think. See how long it stands up without fadding though.

So Tim, what pray tell did you trade for? I don't get out much.

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Purple stitching ???? Aren't you going just a bit overboard on this purple thing ? :lol

Looks great, post the guys contact info incase anyone needs it in the future, Orange stitching would look cool in mine :thumbs

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No such thing as overboard unless you're on a boat.... :spinin:

Okay, didn't know if I was allowed to or not so here it is for anyone needing some new leathas'.

I dealt with Jerry and we are working on the new back pieces. Great customer service.

I paid just over $600 for the complete set and that was with shipping. They also came with hog rings and pliers.


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Look great Mark!

I don't think sun fade should be an issue for you though! HA!

Might change that. We'll see how it goes. If the Grand Prix dies it might be my new DD.....just kidding, just kidding....never happen.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, maybe this guy isn't so good to deal with. Got my new center pieces a couple days ago and got them installed yesterday. Had an issue with one of them having the same zipper side on both the center and the outer cover so they wouldn't zip together. I emailed him yesterday morning about 9am to see how we were going to fix this so I could get them installed. He has yet to respond to me. I was going to take it to a local shop but then I had an epiphany and thought of a local guy that would work wonders on it and I would get it back quicker. He fixed me right up and it fits great now. But anywho, not sure if I was being to picky or what but I think I made him upset with me.

Same zipper on both sides.....


This is the foam he puts under all the panels. Adds a little more cushion.


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He does offer other makes and models. Pretty much any car you need.

Here's a list from his web site.

We offer many makes and models, domestic and foreign:
Acura Alfa Romeo
AMX Javelin Audi
Austin Healey BMW
Buick Cadillac
Chevrolet/GMC Chrysler
Dodge Eagle
Ferrari Ford
Honda Hummer
Hyundai Infinity
International Isuzu
Jaguar Jeep
Kia Lexus
Lincoln Mazda
Mercedes Mercury
MG Mitsubishi
Nissan Oldsmobile
Plymouth Pontiac
Porsche Range Rover
Saab Saturn
Sterling Studebaker
Subaru Suzuki
Toyota Triumph

Volkswagen Volvo

Just don't tell him you know me though. He might raise the price on ya...:lol

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