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Instrument cluster replacement/classic insurance


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I posted this in off-topic insurance thread.

If you have classic insurance and replace your cluster and the mileage is different, you need to call your agent or insurance company to let them know the new mileage reading or it could present a problem when you have a claim.

- a tip from your friendly neighborhood insurance agent lol

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Is there a hidden reasoning to this thread? I haven't done anything but thanks for letting us know.

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LOL no hidden reason. I changed mine out then two clients within the last week mentioned they replaced theirs in passing and I realized there must be a lot of people not realizing they need to call. Had they not said anything, I wouldn't have known.

Since the classic cars use mileage in their formulas, I thought everyone should know in case they have replaced the clusters.

The last thing any agent or client wants is a denied or reduced claim. We make promises of coverage and want to make sure there aren't any snags in a claim. Its my job to make sure you're covered.

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