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Going Away Lunch Sat, 10/04/2014


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This Sat. We will be having a going away lunch for JNoNe

Otherwise known as Joe!

Joe will be relocating to the beautiful island of Guam.

Join us on wishing him well and a safe journey!

Lunch will be held at Macayos 7829 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85033


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Guest badbobs95

I'll be there for sure. Joe is a fantastic person. Thank you for your continued service Joe! :clap Just come home in one piece. :Dude::flag

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JLs Mistress

Hope to make this lunch Joe is my MACE bro he adopted me .... That would make me his Grandfather..I think? :wink:

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oh yea, Joe is one cool guy, he's been our friend for along time. me and him got to be real close friends. (Robert don't get mad, i know these words hurt. be strong brotha). anyways.... hopefully he comes and visit when he gets a chance, i know he will. We will have a cool Surprise for him, ACE members will love it.See ya Saturday

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