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HINSON Motorsports Corvette Mid Pipe Blanket

Big Tom

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when i do my headers this is a MUST for me.

however, I had this part written down in my wish list.

its a larger cover made for the C5 by a company called Thermotec.com. it has been reported that it will work for the c6 too.

I like ti because it uses the Tunnel Bolts to hold it up and not only zip ites.

it also have a wider coverage area.



the problem is I dont know if its made any more.

their latest catalog still shows it


Amazon says they have one left.

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I have the Thermotec one installed in the car... the only problem is that all those grommets are not used. Per the sales rep (several years ago), only about four bolts from the tunnel shield will actually line up with the thermal blanket as shipped.

I went out and purchased a little grommet kit from ACE Hardware and made more holes. Great product, keeps the heat down around the right leg and center console. :2cents:ACE:

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I never insulated a vehicle, however I suspect the insulation would be a better choice for noise & heat cancellation. At the time of install I didn't want to tackle upholstery. I did notice a significant improvement using just the blanket and it's held up well.

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