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Cards join the ranks of domestic violence


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Jonathan Dweyer was arrested this afternoon and the charges are.....you guessed it, domestic violence. I think the NFL has a serious problems on their hands and the entire season should be cancelled until everyone can get their s*#t straight.

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I wonder..........

Statistically speaking, are the incidences of domestic violence GREATER for NFL players versus those of the general public ? The spotlight is definetly on the NFL right now, with all these recent violent actions.....but, how much more prevalent is it within the ranks of the NFL ?

edit: yay for the interwebz......... " NFL players are about a quarter as likely to commit a crime as the average male aged 22-34 (2.9% of players compared to 10.8% of men)." I don't know how reliable that breakdown is, and it doesn't speak directly towards domestic violence, nor of the "crime" resulting in a conviction or acquittal.

Remember back in the day when they made comedy out of spousal abuse ? LOL

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