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Apple TV vs Amazon Fire vs Hulu?


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As the title says, which do you have? Which is the best? Any positives or negatives?

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I have Apple TV and Kindle Fire.

Apple TV has lots of channels but some require you to be a cable subscriber to see like ESPN3. An some channels don't appeal to me

I enjoy when Apple has live special music concerts.

I really enjoy seeing NHRA on Friday live without commercials and more candid interviews and comments

Crackle has CCC Comedians in Cars going for Coffee

Kindle Fire is good, but their prime membership has mainly older movies. I guess Amazon just unleashed HBO series as well, not sure if it is part of prime

I tried Hulu but not much there that an old fart would watch.

Picture quality was good on all three though sometimes the audio doesn't stay in sync. No buffering issues and video in HD was good

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We have Dush (got do hoppa!) with HBO and MAX, plus netflix, thats more than we can keep up with.

Quality and service has been perfect!

If anyone wants to switch to Dish, let me refer you and we each get $50.

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