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4 Handguns "Possibly" For Immediate Sale


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First let me say that this IS NOT a for sale thread...this is an "INTEREST ONLY" thread. I'll explain.

So please...don't jump on here right away and give me crap because I'm not posting prices for the guns.

I have 4 handguns that I need to SELL right away to generate some cash.

I don't want to take the time to advertise, and list these guns for sale, the traditional way of posting ads on Back Page,

or in the paper or whatever other method.

I'm going to be coming down to the valley this afternoon, or in the morning (Saturday) and taking them all to a gun shop,

and seeing what they'll offer me for them. Obviously, they're probably going to offer me 75 or 80% of the going retail price

for each gun.

All I'm doing is trying to see if any Acehole's are interested in any of these guns for whatever the gun shop will offer.

Basically, I look at it as a way for you to grab a nice firearm for less than the going retail rate, if you're interested in any

of these guns, and in the position to purchase right away.

Obviously, I can just sell them all to a gun shop and not mess with this thread. I just thought I'd see if anyone here

wanted to take advantage of my situation.

IF YOU HAVE INTEREST IN ANY OF THESE.....PM me with info on what gun you're interested in, and your contact number

so I can reach you right away after I find out what the gun store offered, and see if you want it for that price, before I sell

the gun to them.

Kimber Stainless/Aluminum "Compact" model .45acp

Trigger job, extended beaver tail safety, Hogue/factory grips, 2 mags,

factory carrying case.

Excellent condition except for very minimal holster wear on the end

of the slide. My father carried this as a concealed carry weapon.

Less than 300 rounds shot through this gun. This is a Series 1 Kimber.

These are quite hard to find now, and more desirable to many vs the

newer current Series II.

Ruger Vaquero Stainless 44 Mag 4 5/8" barrel

Nice Trigger job, Pearl grips, factory case

Excellent condition with no wear

Ruger New Vaquero Stainless .357 Mag 5 1/2" barrel

Excellent contrition, Factory case

I had to get one finger point in!

Ruger "new model" Blue Single Six .22 Cal. 5 1/2" barrel

This gun has some "slight" rusting on the frame, and

wear on the bottom as evidence of being dropped.

The gun still shoots fine though

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Now, that is the way Buying and Selling should work... Thanks Adam.


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