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How much for 1992 convertible with-3000 mi


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Hi all,

I have an opportunity to buy a 1992 convertible with 2 tops, torch red, white interior, original tires and a new set too. Everything works except the CD.

What do you think I should offer as the owner stated make an offer. I do know he is the second owner and paid around 22k for it. It has one NCRS local cert. to date. If I bought it, I would trailer it to get the remainder of the NCRS certificates.

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There are several sites that can be helpful in determining value ... from as simple as craigslist & ebay, to Haggarty Insurance site ... as well as a couple of the Corvette for sale sites ......... a lot can be learned when determining value .....

At the end of the day .... it's worth what someone will pay for it ......... it only takes one ........

a car that old could be a bit risky without knowing a whole lot more about it ... how often services ... how often exercised etc. A car thats been just sitting over a period of years certainly could be a problem ......... #justsayin

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