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Why is ACE so Boring?


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Sounds good but keep it central for everyone

Before I typed my response, I made sure I would be ok with driving a distance because I think the same. It should be central. Heck, look how far we drive for fun on our outings. I rarely drive the vette so when I do, I want to take in out and open it up a bit. And we're talking once a month.

What restaurant doesn't want to to host a ton of vettes once a month every month?

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Hey Mo,

That monthly thing I was talking about is the monthly newsletter. It doesn't happen every month, not because people don't want to receive it, but because it takes time to write the darn thing and sometimes the folks who write it just don't have the time.

Monthly lunch at the same location? This is ACE - it's your idea, so run with it!

Pick a place, set it up, post up here and see what kind of interest and participation you receive. Either it will fly or it won't.

. . . consider it an exercise towards coming out of your socializing shell. . .

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Ok! Yeah I remember the monthly newsletter. I don't know who wouldn't like a monthly letter or an event notification. If anyone's emails are as mind numbing in quantity as mine, I can't imagine them complaining about one email for a good cause.

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Just one email as events come up, OR a calendar on this site vs posts of events. I tend to get confused looking through for ACE events.

I've written lots of emails in the past, I'm sorry I've been slacking this year but I promise to get them out every month again, I will contact you if your interested in writing one up.

As for you sending out a mass email newsletter, I have no way of pulling the 1900 + member emails from the database, and sending that many emails out of your own personal account would probably get you blacklisted.

Also, we DO have a calendar, click the word calendar on top of the page in the blue section.

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I'd think just setting a reoccurring calendar event and then just giving it the occasional bump to get it into everyone's view, sort of like the Tuesday and Thursday lunches. I think the email thing would be overwhelming; we have lots of lurkers, I think you'd get just as much response to a reoccurring calendar event as you would an email blitz

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