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Any stereo gurus here....


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Stereo is in and everything worked right from the git go. Now it just needs adjusted.Crossover point, q logic, g spot, oh wait that one is for my wife. Any who I need some help with the basic adjustments on the stereo only (I have the wife thing figured out).

I have all the specs on the amp and the speakers, I just need a little help understanding them.

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....(I have the wife thing figured out).

pictures or it didn't happen !!!

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Thank you for asking and yes I have lots of pictures. Just none that you can see, or should I say none that you can see cheaply....lol

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I can probably help you out. I'm not an expert per se, but I've got a good working understanding. I just installed mine a few weeks ago.

Posted Image

Can you provide more details? Is there an AMP?

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New everything. Kenwood head unit and 5 channel amp, Focal DVC 10" subs with Arc Audio components in the doors and 5" in the back. The car is currently undrivable due to the headlights and the front bumper being off. Still waiting on paint so it might be a while.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated, even if it is just over the phone.

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I used Kenwood and Arc too. Here are the specs from mine and what I did to dial it in. I asked for a review on another forum and a shop owner made a few minor suggestions but said overall it looked good. There's also a bit of a debate setting gain via DMM or by Ear. I thought the DMM would show me clipping better than I could hear it so I opted for the DMM route. More experienced folks might suggest tuning by ear or with an o-scope. I can tell you now that I'm done with it, the system does sound very good and is certainly loud enough for me, so even though I may be leaving a little power on the table the system performs better than I need it to and I believe it's very safe. I shouldn't have any clipping issues.

Front 6.5s 60wRMS 4ohm, 55hz
Rear 5.25s 40wRMS 4ohm, 75hz
Sub 10" 300wRMS, Dual 2ohm
Kenwood 700/5 40wRMS A/B, 300wRMS Sub

Since the Amp had the lower RMS level than speakers on A/B, I used it for the peak voltage calc.
A/B SqRt of 40x4 = 12.649
Sub SqRt of 300x2 = 24.49

LPF for sub = 80hz (set via deck)
HPF for fronts = 60hz (set via deck, turned HPF off on amp)
HPF for rears = 80hz (set via deck, turned HPF off on amp)

Volume Scale = 35. Set to 31 (90%). 50hz 0db test tone for sub, 1000hz 0db test tone for A/B. Set AC voltage on DMM and turned gain to 12.5@peak for A/B and 24.0 for Sub with crossovers/eq/sub boost all set to off/flat/0.

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I want to shout out a big thanks for both Johns reaching out to lend a hand. Thats what I love about this site. Everyone is willing to help out.

jmx - I will need to call you. I have never done it with a DMM before but it makes sense. I will need a little more detailed instructions to pull this off.

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