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WTB: Rear c5 brake capliers


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Im trading my car in and taking the c6z06 brakes off and returning her to stock but for the life of me i cant seem to find my stock rear calipers. I prefer them be from a z06 but i believe a base rear caliper is the same. I need these ASAP as im suppose to take the car in monday, tuesday at the latest so if any of you have a set you'd like to sell or know where I can find a set it'd be much appreciated.

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No, getting into a E63 AMG. I loved the car, it was by far my most favorite ive ever owned(20+ cars) and have owned it for 6 good years but I need something with 4 doors and a big trunk for road trips.

I'm sure I will own another z06 in the future, once you've had one it's hard to not own one for too long! lol

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