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Happy Birthday, Hal (Last C3)!

Two Fangs

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Hope you are keeping that vintage iron in shape, brother!

Thanks Parker .... when I first set out to help Mark some with his expansion, I never dreamed it would go this far ..... a bit over my head for an aging retired airline guy !!! but its still fun ...........

Hal, Happy Birthday.

I hope your on track with your plans .

Just a little behind schedule .... but moving forward ..... thx for asking ....

WOW! I thought I was older than you. :coool: You must be drinkin top shelf stuff! Happy-Happy buddy. :crayon:

It's all a state of mind Bob ..... but thanks for the compliment ... I hope I;m never as old as you :blur:

Thanks everyone .... its been a great day .... and got home to a wonderful dinner on the deck and a very nice bottle of wine ..... who can ask for anything more .....

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Glad you are having a great day. Sorry I didn't say :happybday when we were over there. Thanks by the way for the present and it's even your birthday. :birthday:

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