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FOR SALE: 2 Corvette Promo Cars

Grape Ape

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I have a double of these so don't need them. Up for sale if anyone wants them are 2 GM Corvette Promo cars I have. I bought these a few weeks ago and then found out my brother-in-law had these for me as well and they came in the mail a couple days ago. I am going to put these on eBay at the end of the week if nobody wants them.

Selling for what I paid for them which was $30 a piece. Like to get that out of them if possible.

They are new and in great shape and have never been opened------YET..... You will have to have proof of age as they are meant for kids 8+ years old to play with them.....

#1 is a 2012 Commemorative Edition black Corvette.

Posted Image

The other is a 2013 Centennial Edition Corvette.

Posted Image

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Nobody wants to have a car they can call their own and play with it? How about $50 for both?

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