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2004 C5 Z06 Shocks for sale or trade.


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I have a set of Z06 Shocks off a 2004 C5 Z06. I bought them off a friend that removed them when they had less then 15K miles on them. I used them for the last 6 months and may have put another 5-7k miles on them. Since I dont track or race my car I thought they were just a little too stiff for daily driving. You can really tell these things are heavy duty compared to stock C5/C6 shocks! The shafts are much thicker as is the shock body itself. They may be good for someone who runs their car a bit harder then I do. They have no oil leaks and are in very good shape. They have strong rebound when pushed in. I will take 100 bucks for the four or trade for a set of used front tires for my C5 in size 245-45-17 or 255-45-17. Sorry for the one blurry pic.




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