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Passing of Jpee


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A good friend has passed the final finish line. John Panazzo, aka Jpee, died 3-13-14. He was 71 and a very active racer in NJ and a friend to all who knew him. He'd help you to be better anyway he could, pat you on the back when you did well, and then beat you on the track. John was a driving force behind the long standing Corvette Challenge that attracted 50 to 100 Corvettes to Englishtown Raceway once a month. He will be deeply missed.

For more info, go to the drag racing section of CF.

:angelsad RIP John.

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Sad to hear of his passing, I remember when they started the list back then...

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R.I.P. Jpee

What a shocker!

The last thing that I heard was that

he was getting ready to go home from the hospital.

I’m going to miss his posts.

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