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You may recall that a while ago Arizona Hydrographix had a contest for hydrodipping of fuel rail covers.


I was the fortunate winner (thanks again to my many friends who voted for my entry).

Installation of the final product was delayed due to my recent unfortunate event at the track, but yesterday the covers were installed. I am extremely happy with them. The workmanship and attention to detail are top notch. The picture below gives an idea, but does NOT really do justice to the look. Thanks Adam! :thumbs


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Like Donna said, they look a lot nicer in person. Nice job Adam and Congrats Donna nice look. :bounce017:

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Wow, those do look awesome! Glad to see your baby is getting close to rolling again.

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You're very welcome! It's enjoyable for me to do something for someone who truly enjoys and appreciates

the work you've done for them.

Thanks as well to everyone else for all the nice comments! Even though these were a "freebie" for Donna, I still spent

A LOT of time on prep, and finish work. I wanted the surface on these to look like glass! For anyone who doesn't know

what they're looking at....the pattern that these were dipped in is a "brushed metal" design. An additional added touch

that was done to these was, I hand painted all the lettering in before the covers were cleared so she won't run into the

issue of "stick on" letters potentially falling off and....they will be much easier to keep clean! :cool

As it turns out, Donna now wants to get the air bridge done as well to match. You guys better watch out with all your

fancy engine compartments....pretty soon She's gonna be giving you a run for your money!

Dammit Adam, get better pictures :lol

inside joke!

Now to satisy Daddy Dawg, :neener_neener: I will add some close up pics below so everyone ca see a little better

what the pattern looks like. (For those of you that didn't get to see them at the BBQ.)

If anyone else out there has an idea of something you're considering getting customized on your ride,

please don't hesitate to give me a call and we'll see what we can do for you!






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Where's the underhood pictures? It's tuff to get a good one after thier mounted isn't it???

fyi, I posted the same "studio" shots like Adam just did, then he wanted a real good underhood picture, the best I could get was directly overhead. Adam said he could do better .....

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Where's the underhood pictures? It's tuff to get a good one after thier mounted isn't it???

Like a total dipstick....I completely spaced taking any pictures of her engine compartment at the BBQ! Doh!

I was going to take pictures of yours also and didn't do that either!

I was too busy scarfing down some of that yummy food!

I will take some after I get the air bridge finished to match since Donna wants to get that done as well.

(Hey Dawg guess what....she's gonna have an Orange air bridge just like yours on her car while I have hers!) :facepalm:

That is unless someone magically comes up with another stock one in the meantime that can be used.

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