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How about Easter Sunday Brunch?


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Annie, several friends and myself have enjoyed Easter Sunday Brunch at the Shrine Temple in Phoenix. And yes, before you ask, they do serve champagne during the meal and the barkeep is open for other adult beverages. Seating starts at Eleven A.M.. There is plenty of parking. Shrine building behind the Chinese Cultural Center on south 40th ST. In past years cost has been $25.00 per person. The variety, abundance and quality of the fare has always been excellent. I be thinking it might be nice to have a group attend if there is any interest. If you are interested, give me a shout here. Initially before I proceed, like to get an idea of the number that might attend. They can seat 800. If I get enough positive feedback, I will let them know the situation is a go as well as posting on the thread here as well. At that point, calling to make reservations will be your responsibility making sure to inform that you are part of the Corvette group. That way enough reserved seating can be set aside for us so we can be one big happy group of folks.

Just another idea to get together.


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