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Corvette Saturday at BSeery's place


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I am just doing some general work on the 1980. Replacing belts, vacuum lines, cleaning up the engine compartment, flushing the brake system - etc.

If you want to swing by on Saturday to either lend a hand or sit and BS, both are welcome.

I am at 625 N. Hamilton St, #31, in Chandler AZ.

480-857-8391 if you want directions.

I have some chairs so you can all relax. Bring your own beverages.

Maybe when that is all done we might head up to the Pavilions.

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Hey there, I am hosting Corvette Saturday at my place. We will be doing the front brakes and maybe some other work.

If you don't have any mechanical skills and just want to learn we will be going over the following:

You can learn a lot about auto maintenance. Or you can come over and just watch and heckle.

Starting time will be around 9 a.m. on Saturday and the weather looks like it will be in the low 70's so a nice day to be doing some wrenching.

Let me know if you need directions.

Let me knonw if you are coming over.

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