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2nd Annual "Escort the kids to camp" and lunch July 21st


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It's that time of year again.

The 2nd annual American Cancer Society "Arizona Camp Sunrise"

Here is the link from last year.


It was a really cool event, I look forward to having a n even better turnout this year.


When: Sunday July 21st, 2013
Where to meet: American Cancer Society office at 4550 E. Bell Rd #126 Phoenix AZ 85032
What time to meet: 9:00am
Where you will be driving to: Arizona Camp Sunrise at R-C Boy Scout Ranch 19887 Arizona Highway 260 Payson AZ 85541
(Apx 1.45 mins from Phoenix)
What you will be doing: This will be the 2nd year you will be escorting the 2 buses of kids who will be attending The American Cancer Society's Arizona Camp Sunrise. (A camp for children who have or have had cancer). You will drive up to the camp, stay for lunch, let the kids see your cool cars, take some pictures and hang out with some awesome kids!! It was such a great success last year that we can't wait to do it again! The kids, parents and Camp staff loved having you all be a part of our camp program!

Barb Nicholas | Director of Childhood Cancer Support Programs- Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks

Great West Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.

4550 E. Bell Rd #126

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: 602.952.7550 | Fax: 602.778.7699

cancer.org | 1.800.227.2345

08Z51 x2


Porvette x2



AZ Motor head


C4blast x2

VenomOnWheels x2


Marco x2


Black Beauty x2

Redhotvette x2

Finallyavette x2




BadBobs95 x2


Harleypower69 x2

justinsane x2



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Probably one of the coolest, most worthwhile events we've done on ACE, you know I'm there again Rob

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It's a ways off but pencil Kim and I in!

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I am so in. I think this is awesome. Just found out I will be in Cali this weekend I'm soooo bummed I wanted to do this run. I hope we do it next year.

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I'll come down to the car show As I'll already be up in that area.

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Okay if a snake slithers up the hill with you? If we're available, Christine & I would like to join-in.


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This sounds like an EXCELLENT adventure!! Count me in! (however, due to advanced age, I may need a reminder!)

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Myself and Ralph will be there! We have collected more hot Wheels Corvettes to pass out to the kids.

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i remember last year you passed out the cars to the kids, That was great and they really enjoyed that, Would it be possible for me to donate some cash to you guys for the effort ? send me your info so i can.

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Ray and Ralph,

That's great, the kids really enjoyed the Hot Wheels cars last year.

Thanks for going out of your way to make this even extra exciting for the kids.


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Had to miss this last year should be able to make it this time.

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I'm going to say I'm a strong maybe. You see, this is just a wax on, wax off thing so I should be able to do this as long as I can get the day off.. I will see how the wife feels though before I say she's going.

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