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WTB lights/cc multifunction stalk, and license plate frame


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so im looking for 2 little things but they seem hard to find, and gm wants to charge an arm and leg for new ones.

my light switch seems to have died, headlights turn on and pop up but no running or dash lights, (they come on when i open the door or turn off the car so i know they work)

and my vette was missing the license plate surround and id like to find one.

so if anyone has these laying around shoot me a pm.

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Best price I've seen on that piece lately is Eckler's (I'm not a fan) for $180 which I'd be is aftermarket. It might be worth it to check out gmpartshouse.com, I've purchased from them on many occasions and have always been happy with the price and shipping, it'll be a genuine GM piece also, you may have to email or call them direct.


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