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How much does a C7 cost?


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The one I want would run $71K w/T&L. Too much. I'll stick with the '08 until the BIG discounts start showing up in 2-4 years.

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Yeah, Im glad i just built the model I wanted, I couldn't afford to replace it with another Z51 4LT package...

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I LOVE the new design but.....

I have several rules/ Life lessons.

a: NEVER buy a first year production car (been there done that)

b: if possible never buy a Brand new car (let some one else take the hit).

my WAG theory is this is the Base coup. its only $2000 more than the current coup.

there will be a grand sport model with bigger tires/brakes/body parts. THATS the one I want.

..used of course.

Himm i wonder if I can sell Roxxane v3 now, pocket the cash and simply Lease a coup for the next 3 years?

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I just found this

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Pricing
April 25, 2014

1YY07 Corvette Stingray Coupe $51,000.00
1YX07 Corvette Stingray Coupe w/ Z51 $53,800.00
1YY67 Corvette Stingray Conv $56,000.00
1YX67 Corvette Stingray Conv w/ Z51 $58,800.00

Destination Charge $995.00

1LT Base Equipment Group 1Y*07/1Y*67 $0.00
2LT Equipment Group 1Y*07/1Y*67 $4,210.00
3LT Preferred Equipment Group 1Y*07/1Y*67 $8,005.00

D30 Custom Color and Trim Combinations $590.00
PIN Customer Selectable VIN $5,000.00
R8C Corvette Museum Delivery w/Interior Plaque Includes CFX (Plaque) $990.00
ERI Battery Protection Package $100.00
J6E Yellow Brake Calipers $595.00
J6F Red Brake Calipers $595.00
NPP Exhaust System Performance $1,195.00
VK3 Front License Plate Bracket &R7E $15.00
FAY Carbon Fiber Interior Appearance Package &2LT/3LT $995.00
IL4 Sueded Microfiber Seat Inserts &2LT $395.00
IL6 Sueded Microfiber Seat Inserts &3LT $395.00
IWE Sueded Microfiber-Wrapped Trim Package &3LT $995.00
UY4 Chevrolet MyLink Navigation System &1LT/2LT $795.00
G7H Laguna Blue Tintcoat $995.00
G7J Lime Rock Green Metallic $495.00
G8A Velocity Yellow Tintcoat $995.00
GBE Crystal Red Tintcoat $995.00
C2M Carbon Fiber/Transparent Dual Roof Package 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $2,995.00
C2Q Body-Color/Transparent Dual Roof Package 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $1,995.00
C2Z Removable Roof Panel, Visible Carbon Fiber with body-color surround 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $1,995.00
CC3 Removable Roof Panel, 1-piece Transparent 1Y*07 only $995.00
AE4 Competition / Performance Sport Seats Without Sueded Inserts $1,995.00
AE4 Competition / Performance Sport Seats With Sueded Inserts $2,495.00
TTV Carbon Flash Painted Spoiler & Outside Mirrors $100.00
FE4 Magnetic Selective Ride Control w/ PTM 1YX*7 only $1,795.00
MYC 6 Speed Paddle Shift Automatic Transmission $1,350.00
Q7E Chrome Aluminum Wheels 1YX*7 only $1,995.00
Q7T Black Painted Aluminum Wheels 1YX*7 only $495.00
QX3 Chrome Aluminum Wheels 1YY*7 only $1,995.00
RQ1 Machine Faced Aluminum Wheels 1YY*7 only $1,495.00


2LT Package Contents:

Standard 1LT Plus:
Advanced Theft Deterent System
Auto-Dimming Mirrors
Color Head-Updisplay
Heated and Vented Seats
Luggage Shade and Net
Memory Package
Performance Leather GT Seats w/Lumbar/Wing Adjust
Premium Bose Audio-Centerpoint Surround (10 Speakers)
Seat Crossed Flags Logo Badge
Universal Home Remote
Center Console and Door Panels in Interior Seat Color

3LT Package Contents:
Standard 1LT, 2LT Plus:
Instrument Panel in Interior Seat Color
Custom Leather-Wrapped IP/Doors/Console
Napa Leather GT Seats w/Lumbar/Wing Adjust

Note that Navigation is available with 1LT and 2LT packages

​so it looks like the 3LT is the MAC daddy option (aka LT4)

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Final Effort

Looks like my car will run $67,395.00 MSRP. I'm heading out the door now to buy some Lottery Tickets. LOL

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It's my understanding that Orders are not place until July. how can someone already have the order in?and verts won't be delivered until next year.

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When I get a C7 it will be a vert. I think they look better. 2LT or 3LT. I'll decide when I can compare them side by side. Cooled seats are a must to keep the boys happy on long trips. :)

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