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A very big thank you to Tyler Jackson and Van Chevrolet.


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Since mostly complaints are posted on internet Corvette forums about Chevrolet dealers, salesmen, and service departments/technicians that when something good happens it should be recognized. Yesterday, Saturday April 20, I took the C6 to the Pavilions weekly car show. (great to meet Larry - C4orce2) As usual I parked on Corvette Row and spent a nice 5+ hours talking and looking at a huge array of fine machinery. I left for home a little after 7:00 pm and drove 12 miles to a Costco gas station. After filling up I attempted to start the car. “No Fobs Detected” came up on the info center. The first time this has happened to me. The battery in my #1 fob had been replaced less than a year ago after 4+ years on the original battery. Just to be safe I called my wife to have her bring the second fob from home (3 miles away). When she arrived with the other “key” it was still a no-go… “No Fob….”. After consulting the owner’s manual (RTFM!) I tried the insert-fob-in-glove-box trick. Still no go. And yes, I inserted it wrong direction the first time, but turned the buttons toward the passenger door. Nothing.

Out of ideas, I got a business card out of my glove box. It was my salesman’s card with his cell phone number on it. I had no idea if Van Chevrolet was open at 7:45 pm on Saturday or that Tyler Jackson was even working that day. I called him to see if he had any ideas how to get my car out of Costco’s gas station as they closed at 8:00 pm. He answered his cell and said he would be right over!

A little background: I shopped for a C6 for 2 years before I bought. Finally on Feb. 29, 2008 I bought my coupe from Mr. Jackson. Very good experience and at the price point I wanted. Over the following 5+ years I have seen and talked to Tyler on many occasions. He has “found” tickets for my wife and I for the Barrett-Jackson for several years now. We talked Corvettes so often that he personally bought the same car: 2008 Silver C6 Coupe.

It was in this same C6 that he drove over to Costco with his Corvette mechanic (from Van) Nate. We went through a few checks and with Nate in the passenger’s seat he successfully got the fob to start the car. He said the way you insert the fob in the glove box is critical. I drove home and today will check to see if it starts as it should.

I really want to thank Tyler and Nate for helping me out. I will buy my C7 convertible* from Tyler.


*Further home discussion needed.

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Great to hear! I bought my GS new there,but have not used them for any type of service(knocks wood).

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Good Story!

Now if you really want to foul things up, take it to the car wash (hand) and drive away without the FOB which was in the car wash guys pocket, then turn it off. Just try and start it after that......

I did my wife a favor getting her 07 detailed. Not being used to the car, I totally forgot about the key. Had to tow it to the dealer after trying everything. They even had to issue her a new FOB!

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