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Project ZL-Fun complete


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Just finished up a build on a customers 2012 Camaro ZL1. This things sounds like a monster and will back up its bark with plenty of bite. Mod list is as follows........

  • Stage II LSA heads from WCCH
  • Lingenfelter GT9 Camshaft
  • Lingenfelter Ported Blower Snout
  • Lingenfelter 2.55" Upper Pulley w/ Solid Isolator
  • Lingenfelter Harmonic Balancer w/ 18% Overdrive Pulley
  • Lingenfelter Dual Pass Dewitts Heat Exchanger w/ Fans (Just released and first one installed)
  • American Racing 1 7/8" Longtubes with Catted Mid Pipes
  • Comp Trunion Upgrade Kit...

...and all the little "scoo-dads" to make all these parts work harmoniously together. She threw down a respectable 633rwhp and 607rwtq through an automatic.

Posted Image

Click link below for dyno run


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Nice...stall the owner a bit, I'll be down Friday to take it for a test drive... :3gears:

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But does it have round tail lights? Honestly, looks bad azz! Love to hear that puppy growl!

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Tis indeed a great lookin ride .... sorry I missed it running ...... I'm sure its quite happy !!!

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