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Cruisin' in the MOPAR and I was gettin a little hungry......


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So I'm cruisin' in the MOPAR and I decide to go to this hamburger joint, I'll change the name so I don't get in trouble for defimation of character or something... Lets just call the place King Burger. Anywho, I walk in on a whim. Not really sure what I wanted at the time.

I get to the counter and as I look at the menu the King Burger employee directly in front of me says "welcome to King Burger" and asks if he can help me. I say "no because I'm not sure what I want other than one of your wonderful hamburgers that I always hear about." I stand there looking at the menu and the guy just stares at me. I say "I know I want a hambuger sandwich but I'm not sure which one. There are so many different hamburger choices". He just smiles and looks at me.

So I finally decide to order my hamburger. "I'll take a McWhopper" (Changing the name for legal reasons) and so after staring at me for the past 10 minutes while I was saying that I came in for a hamburger, he looks me in the eye and says with a staight face that they ran out of hamburgers........ Really?!? King Burger ran out of hamburgers???


I started laughing because I thought he was joking but nooooo...:toetap: Sounds like they need a new manager.....

I wonder if Taco Bell has ever run out of Tacos??? Oops, I mean Bell Taco........

I was soooooo looking forward to a hamburger sandwich with french fried potato garnish.

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Can't believe you missed the sign...

Posted Image

:smilelol That location musta hired the smarter crew.... :yesnod

The guy coulda at least said "I don't mean to be a downer or anything, but maybe this might help you decide. We are out of anything that requires horse, cow, dog or cat meat.... " :crazy

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...perhaps the very reason for some people's existence is to serve as a warning to others

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Horseburgers! It's a euro-fad I hear...

Well, you've never heard of "Mad-Horse Disease" have ya? :huh

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