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Thanks for Joe @ CPR!


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Joe, Just wanted to say thanks again! As always you and your crew were class acts! The car looks and sounds great! What a huge difference in sound after the exhaust mod. Still getting use to the MGW shifter but I like it already. The next time you see my car it will be for the "real mods" we talked about! Thanks again and I'll see you again soon. p.s. shout out to Norm with the 2011 S/C GS. It was nice meeting you and take care of that nice ride of yours! Tony

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Hell yes Tony! I can't wait until we drag in Mexico again!

With the power your car makes, I don't think I'll be able to hang with you in Mexico, Japan, China or any place for that matter lol. Then again, spinning ain't winning lol. :3gears:

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