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Deer-Dawg-Crash now with pics


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I like the black ZO6 spoiler, it's got enough ZR1 parts.. well maybe it could use a supercharger...

You have got to go for a ride in my car, like Norm, you'll end up having to have it

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You know, me and Greg (extender) talk at length about it, comparing his GS to mine, we both agreed it looks better without it. plus I'll drag it off in no time anyway!

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Dwayne .... how did drive .... what with new wheels & tires and fresh alignment ..... with the way your old wheels were, was a bit concerned about the suspension .????

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Thanks Dean-O, I think it came out really Damn good, spyders and all! Hal, it drove perfectly straight hands free, no pulling, or vibration though there is the slightest rhythmic humm, talked to joe and he said its probably a wheel bearing that we'll get replaced next visit... The only suspension part damaged was in the steering, the rims took the brunt of the impact. When they went to align it they only had small tweaks on all four corners to get it within spec... I wil say with the wider tires it feels very planted and solid..

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