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My wheels are done, and should arrive by Friday !


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Pretty psyched to finally get to see my new wheels I ordered for FNBADAZ06....they should be here no later than Friday :partydance: Given that I had them dropped shipped directly to CalChrome to have the work done, and they've never combined the two treatments I had done to them, I'm really exited to see how they look. CalChrome called me yesterday to tell me they were completed and how bad ass they looked.....they want to use the wheels in their catalog of finishes. They are taking pictures this afternoon and e-mailing them to me before boxing them up for shipment. Maybe I'll post a pic ot two :partygrnhat:

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maybe my ass, you will post the pictures or I'll call calchrome and tell them what your doing to us!

They were supposed to have taken them last night, so I'm not holding my breath on them being taken this afternoon.

In a way, I kinda like the idea of not seeing them until I open the box....kinda like Christmas presents and the suprise :partygrnhat:

I know the shade/darknest of the wheel will change depending on the available light, so sometimes pictures really aren't representative of how they'll look in person.

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