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Vette VS Lambo

Guest Kens06

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Seems like a nice local (KY) beauty contest has turned into a Vette-Lambo popularity contest!!

I don't know if you guys have heard of Alan Lambo over here but he detests Corvettes, their owners and anything connected to them!!

Lisa Smith entered a contest and asked the people on another forum to vote for her.


Mr Lambo did a mass e-mail to everyone he knew to vote for the other lady!

If you don't find this too petty, take a minute and help out a fellow Corvette owner!!:cheers:


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Even though Brittany was talking just to me.....

I just love a guy with BIG hands and Blue eyes!!! :thumbs:

Lisa still got my vote, I think this pic was the clincher.... :cone:


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Thanks guys,

I met Layne and Lisa at last years Z06 Fest and they are great people!!

They would fit in with our group except for the 1500 mile gap!!

Layne is a big man and Lisa is this tiny woman trying to get into modeling :rolleyes:


Layne is in the Blue shirt and Lisa is in the denim skirt!!


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Guest XLR8TNC5

Even Mark and I voted for her. Although, I think Mark likes blondes better. But it doesn't matter, as I was the one holding the mouse. hehehehe.

good luck to your gal pal.


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