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Blue Devil Vette?


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I know this is old news for most of you, but I was just catchin' up on my TiVo stuff from vacation, and I saw C6 engineer Dave Hill getting interviewed at Carlisle. He says it was actually just a test mule C6 Z06 at Nürburgring that had people speculating about a supercharged 650 hp Vette. :huh

If he's not fibbing, my $.02:

A) That's awesome that the regular C6 Z06 turn such impressive lap times... :flag

B) I'm bummed that GM won't actually produce such a 'worldbeater' car, even as a show-piece... :angry

C) Ford throws blowers on everything it seems, but GM only puts 'em on Cobalts and Cadillacs? WTF?

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Guest catbert

The Blue Devil is still alive with a new unofficial name (Stingray) and further development while GM figures out if it's going out of business....from the horses mouth to your ears. ;)

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wait and price :toetap :D

Get on the list now and you might get one while you're still young enough to drive it. You might also have enough time to save up for the six figure plus MSRP it will carry. Sweet ride though! :thumbs

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Here's a picture of Jan Magnussen in the blue Z06 at the 'Ring.

I'd be happy just to know what brackets and sliders they used to fit the Sparco seats and what they were using to anchor the harnesses!


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