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9/23/06 SAE-NAU car show


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The SAE @ NAU car show is open to all cars this year....

I'm just going to include the attachment for this event, if this looks interesting to anyone go ahead and post here about your plans...

If you have trouble viewing the attachment, let me know and I can post all the info...

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Here's a copy paste from the document....

SAE@NAU is an organization of dedicated engineering students with a love for automobiles and automotive engineering. We currently participate in the Mini Baja event put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This is a building competition in which students completely design and fabricate an off road vehicle with which we compete against other universities. We also put on an annual car show in Flagstaff, AZ that attracts many car enthusiasts from the Northern Arizona region that directly benefits the Mini Baja project.

This year?s show will be a little different from past shows. The theme of this year?s show is ?A Celebration of Mobility?. All motorized and non-motorized vehicles are welcome, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, bicycles, and even R/C cars. SAE members will judge all categories but that of the classic cars; Professional judges will be provided for this exception.

This year?s show will be held on September 23, 2006. The cost for registering a vehicle before August 20, 2006 will be $15.00, owners registering their vehicle the day of the show will be charged $20.00. Students will receive a $5.00 discount. Categories for this year?s show will be as follows:

? Best Overall

? Era i.e. Pre 50?s, 60?s, 70?s

? Stock Pre 1980

? Stock Post 1980

? Modified Stock Pre 1980

? Modified Stock Post 1980

? Sport Compact Car

? Motorcycle

? Sound

? Interior

? 4x4/Truck

? Tractor/Diesel Truck

Our organization is attempting to make this the best show we have ever put on. Participation from your organization is highly important to us. We are trying to get the word out early to gain as much publicity as possible. Vendors, donors, and all around participants are encouraged to take part in this event. If your organization would be interested in participating in a car show to benefit SAE@NAU please contact us at the email address provided. Thank You

Website http://www.cet.nau.edu/Orgs/SAE/

Contact Information:

? Mike Barton ?Car Show Organizer-

? Michael.Barton1@gmail.com

? (928) 699-4038

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