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C4 to C5 break upgrade INFORMATION only


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A few of you may noticed that i sold my parts on CF the other day, but here is a list of parts that apparently Jeff Kopp of Superior Chevrolet put together (genuine GM parts that can be purchased ANYWHERE - i chose to buy mine at Fred Beans

parts are as follows (you can do multiple part lookups on their site for ease of use)

Quote from Jeff Kopp

Here's the parts required list I've put together (don't forget you'll also need the non-GM special bracket kit):

C5 Brakes on C4

Qty Needed  P/N  Description

2  12455799  Caliper Bracket

1  88895129 -or- 12530682  Caliper

1  88895128 -or- 12530683  Caliper

1  10445856  Rotor

1  10445857  Rotor

4  10139097  Hose Gasket

4  12530697  Pin

4  12530703  Seal

1  12530681 -or- 88909667

(Or Non-OEM)  Pad Kit

the prices below were from superior chevrolet's website, and at last check, the site was updated last sometime in 2002 if i recall correctly


12530682 Reg C5 Caliper - RH $100.80

12530683 Reg C5 Caliper - LH $100.80

88895129 Z06 C5 Caliper - RH $97.65

88895128 Z06 C5 Caliper - LH $97.65


Part Number Description Price

10445857 C5 Rotor - LH $55.83

10445856 C5 Rotor - RH $55.83

88926732 C5 Rotor - LH (Durastop Performance) $44.40

88926731 C5 Rotor - RH (Durastop Performance) $44.40

Caliper Brackets

Part Number Description Price

2455799 Caliper Brkt - 2 required $31.67

Misc Parts

Part Number Description Price Order?

12530697 Caliper Guide Pin (4 reqd.) $3.95

12530703 Caliper Guide Pin Seals (4 reqd.) $3.30

10139097 Brake Hose Gasket (Copper Washer - 2 per caliper) $0.42

12530681 C5 Brake Pads $65.87

88909667 C5 Ceramic Durastop Pads $54.87

Review My Order and/or Checkout

*Prices current as of 1/04/02

here is info about the ADAPTERS to adapt the C5 or Z06 brake caliper bracket

the place i got mine from said this

The brackets to mount the C5 brakes on a C4 are $95 ea. The 14mm blots and lock washers are $40. We are selling the brackets and bolts for $200 plus shipping.

his name is rich gardner

and the guys at car-vette referred me to him

and Ed Salinas is the one who referred me to car-vette, as Ed Salinas is one of the originators of the C% adapter bracket, however, he did not have any parts in "stock" and didn't see himself producing any in the forseeable future.

he can be reached here



i couldn't find a link to purchase JUST the brackets on his site, but you can email him for the info - i think it cost me like $26 or so to ship them here.

these prices may not be accurate - as i just pulled this data from the text document i have saved on my work computer - and i believe they came off of SUPERIOR CHEVROLET's website.

PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE this thread if you reply - as i'll be making changes throughout the week on further information and updating the prices as i search them out from fredbeans

you can also order from gmpartsdirect, but i think their shipping costs are much higher - and they don't even give you an accurate quote until AFTER you order!

*still under construction - so i will keep updating

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