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who here got an email from these guys?


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That looks like a lot of FUN!

I have not received an email :huh

Oh by the way, can I borrow $9,985 :eek


Phil... :devil

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Ken, it took me awhile to find the picture you posted, but there it was all the way at the bottom :eek:eek:eek

I see they have 3 cars, is that all? I wonder how many tickets they will have at the end of the run???

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Hell, I didn't even look for a price to run. I just saw some things that I knew some people here would like to look at. Oh, and some car pics, too. :lol

I was interested in the route, but for obvious reasons they don't have it posted....

Andrew says he remembers seeing the logo somewhere-perhaps at the AZ P&S grand opening?


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