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Newbie Questions


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I received a PM from a newbie with some good questions.

Anyone can ask or answer all the questions they want....

(exception - NO! I don't have any winning lottery tickets to give out, so don't ask)

Thanks, I noticed it was sticky in the top of the page, but wow... only one real "I'll show" reply. :ack Did I pick a bad day?

So is Saturday the norm for modding etc?

I got the impression that the site has a lot of DIY-ers, I hope to rally some of the wrench turners and have some fun.

I also want to get my Vette to the track and see how slow the slow poke can poke on down the track.

What is the most frequently visited track by the membership of this club?

If your an admin, does this club have membership registration beyond the forum?

Is membership free?


So to start this off, here my version of some answers,

First off, we don't have any due's or meetings, but we do accept contributions to support the website. Everyone is in charge and you setting up a wrenching day is just the way our club is supposed to work...

If you want to try for more members showing up, it seems the lately everyone is playing on Sundays. Your thread has a the normal complaints about Saturday's and work...

We go to both Firebird and Speed World for drag racing. We did have a lot of fun nights at Firebird.

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I personally can not make the date that has been selected. I will be in Las Vegas on that day. It is my Wedding anniversary that weekend. If I want to stay married, I will not be stopping by. I wish I could make it though. My wife would think I was cheating on her if I go work on someone elses Corvette. She already refers to my Vette as my Mistress. :smilelol

Hopefully more members will show up then actually replied. It typically will turn out that way. Some members do not like to committ but love to stop by and shoot the shit or lend a hand.

Maybe you can conduct a poll to see what day would work better for some of the members. Saturday or Sunday?

As for Contributions we do accept those. We also try and raise a little funds by selling Shirts with the ACE logo on them. You can find more information in the merchandise section.

Looking forward to meeting all the newbies soon.

Phil... :devil

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I think our newbie just picked a bad day. I know that we (AnM) did the same thing when we first joined and now we know to set the date a month or so in advance. It's strange how many things are going on with this group (in our personal lives, not necessarily group events) so it can be hard to get a gang of people together. :banghead

And, yes there are a few of us who work Saturdays so Sundays work better-then there are those of us who are in 'recovery' mode on Sundays, so Sats work better. :crazy

That said, as a group, we also have difficulty committing to anything. And we have people who commit, but back out at the last minute. We all just let it roll off our backs.

So, let us know if you're still thinking of Sat so we know whether to show or not-I've got it on my calendar and was considering riding over with Eddie (if I'm allowed to hear the satellite radio without paying, that is) and making Andrew pick me up.....(stirring the pot....). Oh, and I was looking forward to maybe seeing Chas' C3...


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Guest XLR8TNC5

I can't really add to this as I think everyone has answered everything pretty thoroughly, other than I really like Speedworld and I know a few of us like Firebird better, but you can usually find any one of us at a track somewhere on any given weekend.

Mark and I want to get out there and race each other soon. Before it gets hot.


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