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Gauging Interest - Z06 calipers and C4toC5 adapter


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as many of you know, i sold my C4 and was not about to just give away $500 in brake parts for free - so i am offering the parts to upgrade a late model C4s (not sure what years - but mine is a '92, so i think 88-96 might work)

all the pieces i have are listed here

adapters to put the C5 (including Z06) brakes on the C4

the brackets adapters that are necessary to mount the calipers to those brackets

(that part of the kit i'll sell for $300 - as you don't have to put the Z06 brakes on for YOUR upgrade, but rather can use standard C5 brakes.)

i'm taking a hit on this price - so no comments from the peanut gallery

for both adapters, hardened bolts, and caliper brackets for as well as all the mounting hardware too

here's the breakdown of what i paid

adapters and mounting hardware for adapters - $200 +$26 shipping

brackets and all mounting hardware for brackets $98 + ~ $10 for shipping

so $300 for the brackets and adapters

and if someone ELSE wants the Z06 calipers, i'll sell them seperate IF i can get rid of the brackets and adapters FIRST -

the Z06 calipers i paid $203 for the pair + ~$20 shipping

so an even $200 for the calipers

OR a simple $500 for the whole ball of wax!

so look at this as a "save the shipping" sale!

Just FYI - i won't even consider selling the calipers until i find a definite buyer for the "upgrade kit" first.

i don't expect a lot of interest on this forum, but i thought i'd throw this out there, as i'll put it on CF parts for sale this weekend!

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Chris, If Tom doesn't end up with them let me know and I might be interested in the calipers.

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sorry guys, sold them yesterday morning, got payment last night

if you guys are looking, they really aren't that expensive - i can send you the info of part numbers and where to order them, or i can put together a post in tech for the parts for at least the upgrade, and Eddie, you can pull out the part numbers for the Z06 calipers!

let me know if you guys want me to do that, as i ahve a TEXT document on my computer here at work with all the info.

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08 and Ed - i'm starting a new thread in Tech that lists part numbers, where to buy, and prices!

check HERE


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