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Well today i said goodbye to........


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My black '92 - and hopefully will be welcoming a new member to our group here shortly!

i thought i'd be sad selling her, but i think that i'm becoming relieved that i have 1 less insurance payment due now!

i will probably regret selling it, but i'm one of the few that can say i've owned 4 corvettes - and most of the time, i had 2 at a time! :drinkers

and with the money i've spent on the current one - my pocket book is certainly thanking me! :rolf

Hopefully Coltrey will register here soon - i have also pointed him in the direction of the corvetteforum site as well!

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So, whats next on the FRC? HEHEHEHEHE :devil


at this point - MILEAGE and ONLY MILEAGE!


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Congrats Chris, We never did get to buff it out.... :thumbs

I'll bet Coltrey would let you if you're that disappointed :lol

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