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SOLD - Don Hodson 1956 Corvette Print


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I have 5 of these prints available only to ACE Members at $7.00 each postage paid......................


Don Hodson's artwork was earning him Blue Ribbons before he was 10 years old. But it wasn't until he was 16 that he earned his first paycheck as an artist. He didn't have formal training, therefore he studied the colorwheel on his own. Don taught himself what colors to blend in order to achieve a certain tone or hue. He sat around home and drew noses, ears, mouths and eyes hundreds of times. Don says, " It only made sense that if I used repetition, drawing it and painting it, I would get good at it, so I did." But he is also quick to say that he is always learning, always trying to improve. These are mint on heavy stock paper wrapped in plastic cover. Measures 11 x 14".

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