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C4orce II and Vette Whisperer at Pavilions July 3


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As promised, the Vette Whisperer and my car C4orce II, will be on display at Vette Night at the Pavilions on July 3. I will have my car with its newly installed LS3 hot cam there no later than 3:45 and Kim Madsen will show up later to answer any questions anyone has about the build. The installation of the computer interface will not happen until the first two weeks of this month and some of the harnesses will not be buried until that time. However, as the car looks now everyone will be able to see the incredible job Kim and his crew at Corvette Restoration AZ have done. To see the build in progress, go to the Tech forum and look for the topice "C4 conversion to LS3 hot cam".

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Maybe once the sun goes down,I'll roll out there.I would love to check it out!

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